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Winter League Party

Feb 17, 2020 by Kevin Roberts

I made a poll on Facebook to decide where we would have a Winter League Pizza Party. If you don't see yourself voting because of the platform, feel free to respond here and were will include your opinion. Text from FB: At which pizza place do we want to have the Winter League party? Sunday 3/1

Winter League Week 6

Feb 16, 2020 by Kevin Roberts

Happy SUNday! Week 6 at 3pm at US Cellular Field 14 No, seriously, the forecast says "Once ultimate starts, it will get so hot the clouds will burn away. They just can't handle that heat." Week 5 results White 1 v Red 2 : Blue 0 v Black 3 Black 0 v Red 3 : Blue 1 v White 2 Is that the

Canopy recommendation

Feb 15, 2020 by jen faya

Hey, It’s jen from ages past - still passionate about ultimate as my 3 boys are getting involved. I’m clueless about canopies and want to consult the experts. Need 2 for the Ashland High School club team. Looking for something with wheels, easy set-up, sturdy and won’t snap like a twig since

Winter League Week 5

Feb 8, 2020 by Kevin Roberts

Howdy, Week 5 at 3pm at US Cellular Field 14 a.k.a. back to normal Hopefully those who were out sick last weekend have been able to recover and can come out well rested this week. As most of y'all know, we played a game of 7's last week instead of mini because we were short *one* player. It

Week 4 Winter League

Feb 1, 2020 by Kevin Roberts

Happy Ultimate Superbowl Groundhog Day! Week 4 2/2 *1:15 pm* START (please arrive by *1:00*) US Cellular Field 14 We are starting two hours EARLY, in case you didn't notice that! It is going to be a nice day! And by nice, I mean, it *might not *rain while we are playing ultimate, but it will

Save the Date: CrampUp XXVI - May 16-17

Jan 27, 2020 by Starbird Greg

🇮🇪CrampUp Goes to Ireland🇮🇪 In honor of the 26 counties of the Republic of Ireland... CrampUp XXVI: May 16-17, 2020Save the Date - 4:3 / 3:4 mixed tournament on lined grass fields - Games at Fichtner-Mainwaring Park in Medford, OR. - Party, camping (optional), and home-cooked

Week 3 Winter League

Jan 25, 2020 by Kevin Roberts

Happy weekend! Week 3 1/26 3 pm START (please arrive by 2:45) US Cellular Field 14 Another Sunday is almost here! Supposed to be a bit wet, but I find that once the first game starts, I never think about it being too cold, but rather, when should I start shedding layers. I love that. And as

Winter League Week 2 1/19

Jan 19, 2020 by Kevin Roberts

Howdy folks, We had a successful week 1 as far as I could tell. There some very good discussions and so likely we will try a change or two this week on score tracking. Also, I am starting to agree with Joel on a topic other than score tracking ... He suggested we should just play 3 games no

Winter League week 1 - 1/12

Jan 12, 2020 by Kevin Roberts

Almost there! The teams have been made. It would still be great to get a few more people out, but we will be able to play fun and competitive games of mini with what we have. Team 1 - BLACK Kyleen Brodie Erick Barney Benji Deardurff Austin Harfst Zach Zegzdryn (this could be you ... just

Winter League

Jan 8, 2020 by Kevin Roberts

Greetings and salutations! I hope the new year finds you all well! If you haven't already heard, SOUPA is hosting a league this winter for the first time ever! We are calling it ... *Winter League!* Whoa! It is going to be held at US Cellular Field #14, (it is a grass turf field, so we

Sunday pickup

Jan 3, 2020 by southernoregonultimate

Sunday pickup at Fichtner at 2:00pm. Rely to the Facebook post. ~ SOUPA

New Year’s Day pickup

Jan 1, 2020 by southernoregonultimate

11am at Fichtner Mainwaring Park in Medford. Reply to the Facebook post if you are in! ~ SOUPA

Wednesday Pickup

Dec 30, 2019 by joelmcaswell

Take a look on Facebook for the Wednesday game times poll.

Sunday reunion game

Dec 28, 2019 by Daryl Witmore

Heard there are a few folks from out of town around. Who needs to work off their holiday meals? 2pm fichtner Sent from Yahoo Mail on Android

Pick-up today?

Dec 22, 2019 by Kevin Roberts

I am not planning on playing today, and there doesn't seem to be any interest thus far, so for anyone out there who is excited to play some frisbee today, the responsibility will rest solely on yourself in crafting an exceptionally motivational email with promises of hot drinks and jacuzzis and

Apartment for rent

Dec 19, 2019 by Daryl Witmore

One bedroom apartment in the heart of Central Point available January 6th! This $750/mo unit is one of four in a large historic home in Central Point at 917 E Pine St. It includes a large storage room and a private fenced yard. The unit has AC, heat, and a full bathroom with tub. There is a

Re: Wednesday game

Dec 17, 2019 by James Yang

Ashland HS grizz versus Crater!!! Come watch if you can Wednesday tomorrow....Game starts at 3:45 pm Will go till at least 5, then we mix up the HS teams and play another short game to 545 or 6. I'll leave it to Nora regarding pickup game permission On Tue, Dec 17, 2019, 3:27 PM daryl

Winter League is coming soon!

Dec 17, 2019 by Kevin Roberts

Seasons Greetings, I hope you are enjoying the last vestiges of 2019! SOUPA will be bringing the new year by hosting its first ever Winter League. Games will be played at the US Cellular field #14, the furthest north field just off Lowry Ln. The website has not yet been updated with the current

Sunday 2pm pickup fichtner

Dec 15, 2019 by Daryl Witmore

Hope to see you all tomorrow. Let's hear some voices and encourage James and others to join us for a full game of 7s ;) Sent from Yahoo Mail on Android

2pm fichtner today 11/8

Dec 8, 2019 by James Yang

Who's in?

Ultimate - Wednesday

Dec 3, 2019 by Starbird Greg

Tomorrow is the final night of our Fall season at North Mountain Park! Pickup UltimateWednesday (December 4)North Mountain ParkPull at 6:45 pm sharp; lights will shut off automatically at 8:30 pm I'll be there. Who else is in? Greg p.s. Lights update: I'm seeking ~$75 of contributions towards

Sunday 12/1 Pickup @ Fichtner 2pm

Dec 1, 2019 by Kevin Roberts

Looks like it will be another beautiful day tomorrow, mostly sunny and 50 degrees! With the daylight waning, we need to move the start time to 2 pm. Hope to see a crowd, gotta burn those extra calories! I plan to play, who else?


Nov 25, 2019 by Greg Starbird

Barney and 1-2 others expressed interest just now in playing on Wednesday. I won’t be here and no one responded to my previous email; sounds like a lot of people are playing in the Turkey Bowl on Thursday. Anyone else want to play on Wednesday? Please be vocal if so. I’ll be out of town but can

Wednesday Ultimate - question

Nov 21, 2019 by Starbird Greg

Two more nights at North Mountain Park this Fall: *Wednesday, November 27 (the night before Thanksgiving)Wednesday, December 4 *Note: Please send me a message if you want to play on Wed Nov 27. I'll be out of town, and my impression is that almost no one wants to play that night, esp. with the

Turkey Bowl

Nov 21, 2019 by Kevin Jantzer

Has anyone discussed an official time and place for the turkey bowl? I heard Fichter…but haven’t heard anything on time

Sunday pickup 11/17 2:30pm @ Fichtner

Nov 17, 2019 by Kevin Roberts

I think a bunch of people will be out of town for the Humboldt tournament, but I'm planning on being there at 230pm.

Sunday 11/3 Fichtner Park 1:30 PM Practice, 3PM SCRIMMAGE

Nov 9, 2019 by zachzegzdryn1729

Hello Soupa, With League done and with the permission of Kellen, I'm looking to appropriate Sunday pickup on 11/3! Starting at 1:30 pm I will be hosting a practice for anybody who would like to join, followed by a competitive scrimmage against my Humboldt harvest team at 3 pm. In only two

Dallas and Hat

Nov 8, 2019 by Daryl Witmore

Does anyone have Dallas's phone number? Also, this hat was left at pickup a Sunday or two ago... Yours? Daryl (541) 531-6671 Sent from Yahoo Mail on Android

Ultimate - Wednesday

Nov 5, 2019 by Starbird Greg

Pickup UltimateWednesday (November 6)North Mountain Park, 6:30 pm I'll be there! Who else is in? Greg p.s. Lights update: The ~$16 in the kitty will cover only part of our lights tomorrow night. To contribute: Venmo gregstarbird, PayPal, or cash into the lights purse.

Sunday pickup

Nov 3, 2019 by Daryl Witmore

What time is pickup today? Who's in? Daryl Sent from Yahoo Mail on Android

Jacksonville rental

Oct 29, 2019 by Daryl Witmore

If anyone knows of someone looking for a 1 bedroom apartment in Jacksonville, we have one opening up December 1. $950/mo. Daryl (541) 531-6671

Spooky Ultimate - Wednesday

Oct 29, 2019 by Starbird Greg

Pickup UltimateWednesday (October 30), North Mountain Park, 6:30 pmNote: Day before Halloween...costumes encouraged!! I'll be there. Gregp.s. Lights update: Thanks to so many of you for contributing so far this season! Currently there is ~$16 in the kitty, which will cover only part of our

League Finals and Party

Oct 25, 2019 by Kevin Roberts

Howdy Folks, This is the final announcement about the details for tomorrow's League Tourney and Party. First things first, captains please forward this to your teams, even if some people get it twice, because I haven't been able to put everyone on the soupagroup email list yet. We are

Dallas H. is Having a Baby/ Meal Train

Oct 24, 2019 by southernoregonultimate

This is sent to you from Ellis, who wants to broadcast his organization for meals for Dallas and his wife: Hey man not sure if you heard but Dallas and Alise ha their baby! My wife and I set up a meal train for them and need more people to sign up. Would you mind sending this link out to the


Oct 23, 2019 by Daryl Witmore

I hope you all make it to the League Party at my house, 770 Bybee Dr Jacksonville, on Saturday at 6pm. BRING YOUR OWN: CHAIRBOWL, FORK, and SPOONMUSICAL INSTRUMENT (optional)SWIMSUIT and TOWEL (optional- unheated pool and hot tub) Menu includes Chili (veg and meat), Cornbread, Salad, and


Oct 21, 2019 by Kevin Jantzer

I think I left my black sweats and gray long sleeve on the field if anyone happened to pick them up


Oct 17, 2019 by Daryl Witmore

We have two Chicco Key fit carseats with 4 bases for easy switching between vehicles. Our kids outgrew them and they have a year or two left before they expire. anyone want them? Daryl (541) 531-6671

Rogue valley high school ultimate / and middle School

Oct 15, 2019 by James Yang

Just got off a coaches conference call with all of the other coaches in Oregon. They want to support any new or developing programs in the state, so if anyone has connections to other high schools besides Phoenix, crater and Ashland let me know! I can help them get started. Also if anyone knows

Drills before league

Oct 13, 2019 by maxshorowitz

Hey all, I’ll be leading a few drills before league starting at 1:30. This is a great opportunity for anyone who’s looking for a longer, more deliberate warmup. Hope to see you there, Max

League party

Oct 13, 2019 by Daryl Witmore

The league party on SATURDAY October 26th (2 weeks) is going to be at my house! Looking forward to hosting all soupa players past and present. If you didn't join us for league play this year, join the fun at the party. Finals usually end around 5, so party starts at 6. Chili, cornbread, and beer

lost: black fleece

Oct 10, 2019 by Greg Starbird

left my black patagonia zip-up fleece at north mountain tonight. anyone grab it? thanks, greg Sent from my iPhone

Water bottle from league

Oct 7, 2019 by Kevin Roberts

Says Co-op Cycles with the name Liam in sharpie. Any takers?


Oct 3, 2019 by Daryl Witmore

If you need cleats, cascade athletic has$25 closeouts. I picked up some kangaroo leather Diadoras that list at $120. Sent from Yahoo Mail on Android

black REI rain jacket

Sep 30, 2019 by paul belson

HI all -- i have a black REI rain jacket left at league. Message me if it's yours. Paul.

Ultimate - Wednesday

Sep 24, 2019 by Starbird Greg

Pickup UltimateWednesday (September 25)North Mountain Park, 6:30 pm I'm in! Who else? Lights: thanks to Zach, Titia, Barney, Adam, Winder, and Joey G. for the lights money contributions so far! I'm seeking more contributions to cover tomorrow and future Fall nights; I'll bring the sexy lights

Ultimate - Wednesday + lights

Sep 17, 2019 by Starbird Greg

Pickup UltimateWednesday (September 18)North Mountain Park, 6:30 pm The forecast for tomorrow night is: rain and cold. I plan to play, rain or shine. Who else is in for some Fall fun? Also, a shout out to Zach (thanks Zach!) for being the only person to contribute to Fall lights so far. Please

Drills before league

Sep 15, 2019 by maxshorowitz

Hey all, I'm planning to get to the field around 1:30-45 today. I'd love to get some drills going and have a longer, more intentional warm up. Anyone interested? Max

Draft Results

Sep 13, 2019 by Kevin Roberts

Wash your socks and lace your cleats! Who has the team that can't be ... beet?! The theme is Garden Vegetables. Some teams have names already. Some teams are still germinating their ideas... White? Team - Matt Vorgang Sebastian Gattey Dallas Horsley Travis Jantzer James Yang Cassie

Do you know these folks?

Sep 12, 2019 by Kevin Roberts

I have some old league registration forms with names and no other info. Does anyone know an email or phone number or last name even for the following people? They have all played within the last few years. Hogan Jesse Malia Sydney Andrew Backus Christina Lubarsky Just making sure all the

Draft is Tomorrow/Thursday

Sep 12, 2019 by casey

Please sign up for Fall League if you have not done so yet. Draft is Thursday and league begins this SUNDAY! Thanks Kevin for all your work and those who helped put up flyers. See you at Fichtner this Sunday.