CrampUp XXVI: CrampUp Goes to Ireland!

Tournament Dates: May 16-17, 2020
NOTE ON COVID-19 (updated April 6, 2020): It seems likely we will have to cancel CrampUp this year due to statewide orders prohibiting events and/or other orders concerning COVID-19 and social distancing. But we haven’t officially cancelled it yet. If your team would like to play in CrampUp this year if it happens, please register, but hold off on paying your bid fee for now. We will send updates if and when we decide to officially cancel CrampUp, or if and when it becomes clear that we can indeed go ahead and solidly plan to still hold it on May 16-17. Thank you for understanding the ambiguous/tricky situation we are facing regarding this event.
[Note April 6, 2020: Please register but don’t pay yet! See note on COVID-19 above.]
Please pay by estimated roster size:
1-20 Players: $500
More than 20 players? Add $25 for each additional player
*Teams registering and paying by March 29 will receive a special gift at the fields!
Pay team fee
Mail a check made out to SOUPA to:
1662 Homes Ave.
Ashland, OR 97520